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      Construction Zone
      Building Green Beijing

      China's pollution woes are a problem with global ramifications. Follow the team of green engineers trying to build an energy-efficient Beijing.

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        Drugs Inc.
        Underworld Inc: Grand Theft Auto

        Enter the real-life world of Grand Theft Auto: the thieves, chop-shops and cops, all part of a global trillion-dollar industry.

      • 20:50
        Storm Worlds
        Deadly Dust

        Dust storms are common to both Earth and Mars. For hundreds of years scientists have found dust – possibly from Africa – in unusual places.

      • 21:40
        GIO Taiwan Fund: Super Solar...
        GIO Taiwan Fund: Super Solar Yachts

        Can a boat made from recycled bottles float? Can one of the world's tallest buildings also be green? In Taiwan, two teams race to find out.

      • 22:30
        Live Like an Animal
        Giant Wasps

        The team build a 15-foot high wasps' nest in the middle of New York, complete with human-scale cells and 'larvae' (actually white balloons).

      • 23:20
        My Dog Ate What?
        Fish Hooks, Spoons, And Coins

        While walking through Central Park, Labrador Milo ingests a piece of needle-laced cow tongue. Loki the Jack Russell Terrier eats fish bait.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

Victoria Falls, Zambia: A baboon rests on the back tyre of a jeep. This image is from Urban Jungle. Photo of the day - 21 December 2014

21 DECEMBER 2014

Victoria Falls, Zambia: A baboon rests on the back tyre of a jeep. This image is from Urban Jungle.

NGT/Kelly Sweet

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A Real Life Superhero

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South Africa Stadiums

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